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No. 1 on the market!!!

If you are looking for great fun for your child and a moment of respite for yourself, the BabyBall dry pool will provide it to you! Made of solid and soft material, it is perfect for any interior. You will also find out how easy it is to clean the surface of the pool. It is suitable for washing, and – what’s more – its putting on and taking off is very easy. It’s all thanks to our constant attempts to improve the structure. Pools and balls are safe, have certificates and meet EU standards (CE symbol). The dimensions of the BabyBall pool: height 40 cm, diameter: 90 cm, thickness of the sponge (pool walls and BOTTOM) 4 cm. Each foam frame is manually glued with a special fabric that makes it easy to remove and put on the cover! Balls – diameter 7 cm – Polish producer.

          The perfect gift for the Year!          

A dry pool with BabyBall balls is a great way to joy and smile for every toddler!

Handcrafted   products !!!

Buying a ball pool you will receive a free set of sensory bags with play suggestions !!!

The power of colors!

Learning through play - can you dream of something better? Thanks to the balls, learning colors and counting is a pleasure!

There is a lot to choose from: we do not let customers to get bored! We offer 11 pool designs; and from time to time there will also be unique copies labeled as “limited edition”. Besides – there are 18 colors of balls! This gives you the opportunity to create thousands of color combinations!

Summer is variable, but when the weather is good, do not forget about BabyBall's pool! On hot days, the pools are perfect for outdoor activities. No matter whether you organize a barbecue or sunbathe in the garden - the pool will be perfect for your child. It will be able to play safely while you take care of yourself!

To help parents in this aspect of raising their children, we create BabyBall pools with extraordinary care for colors and a variety of designs. Together with our team, we plan carefully each set of colors, we conduct long discussions and, most importantly, we consult all with you - dear parents. Thanks to this, our products received very positively.

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