Rehabilitation with dry pools Baby Ball – how to return to fitness through play.

Rehabilitation with dry pools Baby Ball – how to return to fitness through play.

Rehabilitation with dry pools Baby Ball – how to return to fitness through play.

Dry BabyBall pools are a toy that pleases. It is really a place where children spend a lot of time playing. But it is not everything! Dry pools support your child’s development and improve his body. All this can happen at home! Here’s how you can simply help your child’s development without stressing the child.

A dry pool – help at your fingertips

dziecko w suchym basenie z piłeczkami babyball

Each of us – parents – knows that every child is different. Some people like to show their teeth in a dentist’s office, while others are reluctant to cooperate with doctors or other people who issue different orders. So how do children react to rehabilitation exercises in a dry ball pool? The reaction will definitely surprise you – of course in a positive sense! Children with great joy put on their backs or stomachs. You will see how with great commitment they will raise their arms and legs up, and they will also start to rotate.

You may ask yourself, ‘Why is this happening?’. Because BabyBall dry pools are joy and happiness for all children! Try to think like a child for a moment. How can he react when we ask them to lay on their backs and raise their right and left foot once? There is a huge difference between doing this in a physiotherapeutic office with a doctor-a stranger and in a dry pool full of balls that is in the house.

How to use dry pools for rehabilitation?

suchy basen a rehabilitacja - dziewczynka korzystająca podczas rehabilitacji z suchego basenu

There are many ideas for exercises. You can ask your child to try to lift the ball with his bare feet. A fun with a wandering ball? Why not! It’s a great massage for your child’s back! There are many such possibilities. Dry BabyBall pools are a product that supports, among other things, the physical development of your child. Thanks to the balls, we can activate a deep feeling, or stimulate the sense of touch, so as to provide the child with sensory experience. Moreover a child can learn how the work of individual muscles may affect the behavior of the whole body. By throwing or rolling balls a child needs hands.

The child can see that the rest of the body is needed too to throw a ball. Thanks to this exercise, the child will start to pay attention to the work of whole body during less advanced activities! Do you know a play in a basket? Let the child wrench the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other, and let us put in one of the colored balls. The child’s task is to throw it with his hands folded up. Thanks to such exercises, the child, especially the youngest, gains the skills to control his body. Dry BabyBall pools are a never-ending source of fun for both younger and older children.

Dry pools is a great opportunity to play for children and their parents too! Instead of a long bath in the bathtub, you can immerse yourself in colorful balls and remember the beautiful years of childhood! Relaxing in such a place is a real treat. Joining this calm exercises will provide you a moment of regeneration before the next games with children, Are you in? The next text will be about relaxation for children. Stay tuned!

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