Balls of various sizes have long been irreplaceable fun for every child. In our store you will find colorful balls that your child will easily get to his hands. Balls are of course great fun, but not only!

Balls that teach

            It turns out that the size of the dry pool is not the most important. The most important is the number of balls, as well as their color. The greater the diversity of colors, the more our child’s interest. It is therefore an ideal opportunity to learn colors and counting. All this can be done with balls! After all, the best learning is through play – then the child is more willing to learn and remembers more. Is your child playing in the pool? The question is what is the color of the ball in its hand. Colorful balls will help differentiate shades, because BabyBall in its offer has, for example, cornflower, purple and mint, as well as white, gray and cream.

Positive development of the child

             In addition to playing and learning colors or counting, the balls also support the child’s development. It is mainly about motorics, because balls can be rolled, tossed, caught or simply turned in a hand. All these activities improve the child’s motor skills, which trains hand-eye coordination. Colored balls are used during rehabilitation or corrective activities, because children develop their physical fitness, balance, and develop their accuracy. How is this possible? Balls can be thrown into the pool, thanks to which we develop not only the above-mentioned accuracy, but also manualness by lifting balls.

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