In our store, you can also buy dry pools without balls. Is it worth investing in such pools? Of course! The dry pool itself is a great place to play! Instead of balls, you can put other toys into the dry pool. It’s no problem to make a racing circuit for cars there, or a playground for all dolls! A dry pool without balls is also a great place to store toys. You do not have to worry about a mess anymore – all you have to do is put all the toys in the dry pool!

Safety first!

For us, your child is the most important, that’s why every pool is made with great accuracy. The height of each pool is 40 cm, so your child can easily lean against the pool walls. Thanks to this, your baby will gain confidence when sitting down, because behind him will have a soft but stable wall that will ensure safety and upright position. In addition, to make the use of the dry pool as comfortable as possible, they have a 4 cm bottom.

Beauty to every interior

Our dry pools without balls will fit into the decor of any room. In our shop you will find various designs and colors that will fit into your child’s room. Choose the colors of the dry pool to match your interior! So do not hesitate any longer and buy your dry baby pool from BabyBall now!

Dry pool BabyBall – without balls – traditional folk ornaments on a bright background

A dry pool – without balls – traditional folk ornaments on a bright background

Dry ball pool – creative fun, learning colors, development of fine motor skills of hands, exercise coordination and physical fitness.

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