Sensory bags are very good and simple fun for every child. For sure, each of us remembers them even from corrective gymnastics. All you need to start playing is just a little space and of course, sensory bags!

Wake up your senses

Sensory bags are a kind of toy that stimulates all the senses of our child. First of all, the support the development of sensory integration is visible. What does this mean? The brain the receives stimuli from various sources  at one time – sight, touch, hearing or motor coordination. At this time, brain’s task is to recognize and segregate information, and then to create a reaction that is adequate to the specific situation. Thanks to such stimulation, the child even better understands the world that surrounds him, which makes his functioning better and safer.

Infinite number of ideas

            Sensory bags make, that we suddenly have a lot of ideas for all kinds of games. Sensory bags can be used to make competitions. One of the rivalries may be, for example, wearing a sensory bag on the head. Fun that will bring a lot of fun to the whole family is throwing to the goal. All you need to play is just a basket or lines that set the score. Another of the games may be a draw, on which part of the body we will move the bag from point A to point B. Are you tired of games and competitions? Relax your feet! All we have to do is take a walk through our sensory bags! This is a very good sensory task that presses the receptors on the soles of the feet. Despite the stimulation the stimuli, the child develops sensitivity to touch and the ability to maintain balance on uneven ground.

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