BabyBall dry pool – without balls - Joy in the stars


In our store, you can also buy dry pools without balls. Is it worth investing in such pools? Yes! The dry pool itself is a great place to play! Instead of balls, you can put other toys into the dry pool

BabyBall dry pool – without balls – Joy in the stars

Fun in a dry pool BabyBall – without balls – is an amazing experience for the youngest children.  Playing in a dry BabyBall with colorful balls develops the muscles and movement coordination of the baby.  It influences well on the attitude of both younger and older children. The dry BabyBall pool is filled with colorful balls. Play can become a good opportunity to learn colors or counting.

Children love “swimming” “diving” in colorful balls. Balls are one of the most interesting toys for children, because they combine entertainment and educational values. The balls can be rolled, tossed, crushed, caught, rotated in the handle. These activities, improve children’s motor skills, practice eye-hand coordination, strengthen muscles, encourage movement. Colorful balls are used during rehabilitation, corrective activities and to improve the overall condition of the child.

The advantages of playing in the BabyBall foam pool include:  development of physical fitness,  development of balance,  development of accuracy – balls can be thrown into the basket or into the BabyBall well, developing manual skills by lifting balls.

Dimensions BabyBall dry pool – without balls – Joy in the stars :

  • Height 40 cm,
  • diameter 90 cm,
  • thickness of the sponge (pool walls and bottom) 4 cm

Our pools have BOTTOM with a thickness of 4 cm, which increases the comfort of use by children.

BabyBall dry pool – without balls – Joy in the stars is perfect at home and in the garden – the joy of the child is guaranteed. The advantages of a dry ball pool can be primarily the development of physical fitness, balance and the development of manual skills and accuracy by playing balls and throwing them, the development of fine motor skills of hands. An ideal place for rehabilitation in the privacy of your home. A great place for spontaneous fun.

As the only ones on the market we have sewn up handles for swimming pools, which is very practical when moving them.

The set includes:

  • BabyBall dry pool – without balls – Joy in the stars

  • cotton sack

  • cardboard

All BabyBall products are safe, have certificates and meet EU standards (CE symbol).

The product BabyBall dry pool  is made only from Polish materials, sewn by hand!

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