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Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

Dry pool with BabyBall balls – what do you need to know before buying?

When choosing toys for their children, parents are guided by many aspects: they want to support their motor and mental development or they want the child to play independently for at least a dozen or so minutes. Most often they choose nice and safe things or invest in those that they will enjoy for more than a few months. The Dry Ball Pool from BabyBall combines all these needs!

Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

Dry pool that supports motor development

Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

Playing in a dry ball pool is, in a way, forced movement, because children „dive” in them, throw and throw balls, spin and jump. The balls are nice to massage and relax, so the more of them in the dry pool, the better! What about fine motor skills? Grasping balls is one of the skills that infant physiotherapists test to determine if they are developing properly. Contrary to appearances, this is a very difficult thing, but it greatly improves hand-eye coordination. With time, comes the ability to hit an object against an object or throw. All these are worth supporting through play – and what could be better than balls in a dry pool?

It helps in brain development


Children come into the world seeing in two dimensions. Sight is the least developed sense, which with time only acquires the possibilities that an adult has. You can speed up and facilitate this process for your child by showing him contrasting pictures, toys, and using black and white colors on textiles. A dry pool without balls can be used as a playpen or a place for safe play for the smallest children, it can be covered with a contrasting cover that will support the development of the child’s sense of sight. On the other hand, when it grows, put balls of two opposite colors into the pool. It has been proven that observing the contrast has a positive effect on the stimulation and development of the brain in children. The BabyBall company offers a huge selection of colors, so the final decision is up to you!

Dry pool – a safe and practical toy

Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

The dry pool with BabyBall balls is handmade from Polish materials. They have all safety approvals required in Poland and in the European Union. It is large – its diameter is 90 cm, so two little ones can play in it, without fear of collisions. The walls are 40 cm high, so even when filled with balls, it is still taller than a sitting child. What distinguishes the BabyBall dry pool on the Polish market is its bottom, which is as much as 4 cm thick, so you can put your baby in it when the pool is empty. The covers can be washed and the balls can be washed (e.g. in a bathtub filled with water). In addition, the balls are packed in a separate bag, so we can easily store them in the closet.

Decoration of your apartment

Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

In the BabyBall store you can find over 20 designs of dry pool covers that can be removed for washing. In addition, the company has a huge selection of balls in pastel and bright colors that can be mixed freely. Such a combination will make the dry swimming pool suitable for fans of unicorns and forest animals, as well as for dinosaur and excavator lovers. However, we do not have to hide it in the children’s room. By choosing subdued and bright colors, we can also create an interesting corner to play in an interior decorated in a Scandinavian style. It all depends on our imagination and sense of aesthetics. Nothing prevents you from placing a dry pool in the garden or on the terrace. It will serve you as well as at home.

The toy is perfect for children of all ages

Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

You can easily buy a dry ball pool by completing a layette or as a gift to even a few years old! It can perform many functions depending on age. This is a great place for toddlers to play while lying on their tummy. When you want to take a nap, just cover it with a blanket. Larger babies can play with a few balls without having to worry about them getting into their mouths or getting bitten. They will practice fine motor skills, they will be able to observe the multicolored balls and see how they move. If the toddlers are crawling or crawling, treat the dry pool as a playpen in which the child will stay safe while we bustle around the house. Over time, let’s add more and more balls and follow how the child wants to play!

A playground in your home!

Dry pools with balls I Handmade I Polish producer

Little-year-olds are certainly familiar with dry pools with balls from playgrounds in galleries and other places intended for children. Such a dry swimming pool only at their disposal will be great fun for them and their friends. On a warm day, we can take it outside, put pillows in it and use it as a resting place for the child. Remember – the dry pool with BabyBall balls is really safe, regardless of age, weight and height. So there will be a place for a parent who will sometimes decide to take a break.


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